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On April 1, 2010, IDC Dental achieved certification to become the first Progressive Orthodontics (POS) Clinic in China. POS Certified Orthodontic Clinics use highest level of orthodontic education, the most advanced orthodontic system in the world, the use of latest technology, as well as a knowledge of the Chinese local needs to form an experience unmatched elsewhere.  The outcome of this fusion is the ability to consistently deliver a superior orthodontic treatment, giving you the smile you deserve!


Dr. Jaclyn Dam Laute has also completed her requirements to become a Certified POS Clinician with years of proper education and training.  Together with the Progressive team of international consultants, IDC Dental aim at being the first to bring modern western orthodontics to Beijing.  Proper treatment planning and protocols are performed on all patients.  Computerized diagnostic tools are used to ensure the best treatment options. Advanced technology in customized orthodontic appliance is utilized to achieve optimum success.  Come and experience the POS difference.