Dr.Hirohito Kikegawa, DDS, PH.D

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International Consultans-Implantologists

Dr.Hirohito Kikegawa, DDS, PH.D

Specialist in Implantology



1991-2004 Post graduate Department of Anatomy & Neuron Network.Tokyo Medical University

2004- Ph.D(Medical Degree)

2004-Fellowship of Dept. Implantology of Tokyo Medical & Dental University.

2004- UCLA, Advanced International Studies In Surgical Implant Dentistry Course

1986-1992 School of Dentistry, Nihon Univ.

1992- Dental Practitioner's License.



2006-Opening Kikagawa Dental Clinic, Implants and Orthodontic Clinic

2004-Doctor's office in Recovery of Feedin Function of Tokyo Medical & Dental Univ.

1999-2004 Implantology at Shonan Dental Implant Clinic

1996-1999 Osawa Dental Clinic

1995-1996 Member of Doctor's Office of Oral Surgery in Tokyo Univ.

(Anesthesiology,Oral Surgery, Plastic Surgery , Radiology, Emergency room)

1995- Clinical Assistant at Doctor's Office of Oral Surgery in Tokai University

1993-1995 Clinical Trainee at the Hospital of Tokai Univ.

1992-1993 Clinical Trainee at the Hospital of Nihon Univ.



Japanese Society of Oral Implantology

ICOI (Fellowship)


Academy of Chronic Pain

Japan Academy of Dental Anesthesiology

Conference of Asia Oral Implant(Authority)

Academy of Dental Surgery (Councilor)

Universal Implat Research Center(Director)



2004 Distribution of cells expressing c-Fos-like protein in the periaqueductal gray matter after hind limb amputation of rats

Magazine of Tokyo Medical Univ vol,62,2,205-211

2004 Distribution of cells producing C-Fos like Protein in cingulated gyrus after cutting of sciatic nerve in rats-activity of

cingulated gyrus cells by nerve cutting.

Kasuhisa Nagate and Yasuko Kitamura(Tokyo Medical Univ.2nd Dept of Anatomy),Hirohito Kikegawa(Tokyo Medical Univ Recovery of Feeding Function)

Magazine of Tokyo Medical Univ vol.62,2,205-211

2003 Case Study of Soften Stayus of Bronchus& bronchial tube

Under General Anesthesia ,Japan Academy of General Anesthesiology