Dr. Marcela Barreto D.D.S.

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Dr. Marcela Barreto D.D.S. 


General Dentist 




Dr. Marcela Barreto graduated from FMU, a great Brazilian dentistry college and joined IDC Dental in 2017.


In her final year, she did an internship in São Paulo, working in a technological clinic, acquiring experience in orthodontics, preventive dentistry, pediatric care and restorative dentistry.


Also with the opportunity to watch experienced doctors doing all kinds of esthetic procedures: dental veneers, gum surgery, facial harmonization, bichectomy, botox, lips augmentation. Participated of a study about stem cells from deciduous teeth, learning about all the stem cells propriety, how to extract and send them to a specialized lab. 


Her main goal is to keep studying and expanding her knowledge, working kindly and improving confident smiles.


Dr. Marcela holds active licenses to practice dentistry in Brazil and Beijing. She speaks fluent English, Portuguese and conversational Spanish.