Dr. Angus Wong, DDS

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Dr. Angus Wong, DDS


Specialist in Oral& Maxillofacial Surgery




Dr. Angus Wong graduated from China Medical University School of Dentistry. He holds a position as a maxillofacial surgeon of the Capital University of Medical Science, Beijing Stemmatological Hospital, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery department.


Early in his career, Dr. Wong has repeatedly received the “Chinese Medical Association University of Hong Kong Award for Outstanding Young Talent”. He has been invited to participate in two "International Conference of Dental Traumatology, "and has been accepted as a member of International Association of Dental Traumatology. Working together with the editor in chief of the internationally recognized" Dental Traumatology" journal, Dr. Wong is involved in research work of Auto-transplantation and in establishing standardized operation for dental trauma.


In 2009, Dr. Wong received the "Capital Medical University, Teaching English Competition Award" as recognition for his commitment for Oral Medicine clinical teaching. Dr. Wong is currently engaged in all areas of oral surgical treatments at IDC Dental. He is proficient in a variety of minimally invasive surgical methods for impacted tooth, supernumerary tooth, and complicated tooth removal. He has accumulated rich clinical experience in emergency treatment for dental trauma, advance surgical procedures and post-operative pain management. 


Dr. Wong successfully completed the "KIS-system "implant program organized by Kikegawa Dental Clinic Sin-Yokohama Ortho-implant Clinic from Japan. The training provides a unique perspective in flapless implantation, bone grafting, soft tissue and aesthetic management 


Dr. Wong speaks fluent English and Mandarin.